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Whimsical Sunflower summer nights

September 10, 2019

As we pulled up to Amaze in Corn, I took a deep breath in and felt an instant sigh of relief to have a moment to myself after a long week of being attached to a 2-year-old. I straightened out my sundress, adjusted my floppy hat and wondered if this experience was going to be worth the drive or another bandwagon, over-promoted event that didn’t live up to the hype. 

Amaze in corn Sunflower Festival, Winnipeg Manitoba

Sitting on the back of the wagon, memories from my teenage years started to flood in as we passed the corn maze. Then I glanced to my right and saw the petting zoo and hay bale pyramid, and I had flashbacks of my little guy who was determined he could “do it by himself”. Boy, I don’t miss that phase. Finally, we reached our destination, greeted by a sunflower dial we hopped of our chariot and were ready to take in this experience. To our left was the refreshment area, not your ordinary barn care but a wine and craft beer cart, your girl’s sunflower adventure got that much better. 

Angie, part-owner of Amaze in Corn, handed each coupling some shears and set us loose to prance our way threw 8 acres of sunflowers. YES, I SAID 8 ACRES, and 40 different types of sunflower joy to warm my heart. Did I mention every person who attends the expo is gifted with the opportunity to cut 1 flower to take home? 

As my girlfriend and I basked in a sea of yellow, red and chocolate sunflowers, I couldn’t help but think that this is what photographers dreams are made of. As we made our way through the field, I literally stumbled into so many photoshoots. Maternity, random girl in a sunflower field, romantic couple, you name it, it was happening. How magical that people from all walks of life were taking advantage of a small opportunity for a true Manitoban experience. 

Amaze in corn Sunflower Festival, Winnipeg Manitoba

My prairie girl dreams were actualized. Not only did Angie and Clint, give us Winnipeggers the opportunity to live out our whimsical dreams, they gave us a chance to do it responsibly. Over the past few years, Instagram has given life to farmers sunflower fields, but not in a good way. Influencers, bloggers and well anyone with a social media account frequently crossed the fence to capture the coveted prairie photo. While this shutterbug moment got you a high like count, it left farmers with damaged crops and hurt their bottom line. Bruce Stuart, a Manitoba oilseed farmer, even told he had found a ton of garbage left behind by trespassers in 2018. Let’s not be “those” people. 

My Tips for the perfect Sunflower Expo Experience:

  1. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, and couple it with flats. Remember it’s a sunflower field, you are literally rummaging through dirt in search of the perfect Sunflower.
  2. Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged.
  3. Walk up, down and through each aisle and really take in the beauty of the flowers. 
  4. Take advantage of the props. There are hay bails, throughout the field to help you spot the best locations or take a seat and enjoy the view. 
  5. Put the camera down and enjoy the moment.
  6. Take your garbage with you when you leave
  7. Don’t wait! I can’t stress this one enough, it’s getting chilly, and the flowers won’t last forever. Check out Amaze in Corn website for daily updates. 
Amaze in corn Sunflower Festival, Winnipeg Manitoba

The Sunflower Expo at Amaze in Corn is perfect for a girlfriend day getaway, a date night or fun with the kids. For information on daily hours, please check their website and/or social media accounts. If it’s been raining be prepared to wear rain boots and save your flats from the mud. Last but not least tell me everything about your experience in the comments below

Amaze in Corn, Winnipeg Sunflower festival

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