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Weird But True! Canada

January 14, 2019

Let me take you back about 20 years, ok I hope this doesn’t age me too much, do you remember the stack of yellow bordered National Geographic books at every auntie, friend and grandparents house?

Luckily for me, I can now share this memory with my little. Nat Geo Kids started in 2004, which currently has 32 print books available, a radio show and youtube channel. With it’s 10th anniversary, Weird But True! has launched the 1-10 series with updated glam covers and even more facts for the newest youngins in your family.

From Animal facts to cultural celebrations, Nat Geo Kids gives your child the opportunity to step out of their everyday bubble to explore the world.

Leo and I have been reading through a few of the printed Weird but True! books and our favourite had to be the Canada edition. Best fact ” Residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba, drink more Slurpees per year than anywhere else in the world” #accurate.

National Geographic is brand synonymous with education, knowledge and fun. While I binge on Nat Geo travel, my son can pick up a book and look through the high quality pictures and learn the names of animals around the world. Lucky for us these books will follow him through the years and he will continue to learn more global facts about things like ” 1 snowflake contains 180 billion molecules of water”- Weird But true Christmas, or how “prehistoric guinea pigs were as big as cows and had a bite as strong as a tiger’s” – Weird But True series 10.

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