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5 tips survive your third trimester

April 24, 2017

You made it to the third trimester, and all you can think about this magical “List” of all the crap you need to get done. Well here is the must do List for you, yes You. From one new mommy to another, SPOIL YOURSELF. You carried this baby for 6 months, treat yourself, you deserve it. Let’s be real, you are exhausted, your feet hurt, and you feel like shit, so why not pamper yourself to feel good on the outside. This is how I celebrated my final trimester:

1. Mani and Pedi

Yes loves what else could make you feel luxurious then having your nails done, especially when you can’t reach your toes.  Do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Kaleigh at The Loft. She’s got all the newest nail art tends on lock. The best part about visiting her for a pedi, is the chair, you get to lie, close your eyes and relax.

2. Get Sugared

Ok I am a bit embarrassed to say but i haven’t seen my legs in a few months. Just like my toes, I could barely see them let alone reach them to give them a good shave. That being said I thought I would let someone else do the work. Jaelene from Sugar by Jae, one of Winnipeg’s premiere sugaring studios located in Osborne village, comes highly recommended. She has 6 years experience in the biz, and is extremely professional.

3. Float Therapy

I tried float therapy at 37 weeks, and man I totally regret not trying it earlier on in my pregnancy. I was literally petrified of floating in a pitch black pod, I have no idea why, regardless FLOAT.CALM eased my stress with a little glow ball and encouraged me to relax to enjoy this amazing experience. At this point in my pregnancy my body was aching. My hips, back and knees got most of the burden of the weight I had packed on during my pregnancy and nothing seemed to help. After about 20 minutes (of a 90 minute session) I completely relaxed and let myself go and boy I tell you, it was the first time in about 5 months all the aches and pain left my body. I would recommend Float Calm to anyone who needs to de-stress, or sufferers from daily wear and tear to your joints/muscles.

4. Massage

Pre-Natal massages were a must for me. As mentioned earlier my back, hips and knees were extremely tight and I spent most of my days sitting at my day job (which did not help). Weekly massages felt amazing and gave my muscles some time to stretch and repair. I don’t think I would have survived with out them. Ladies please do you research and find someone who knows what they are doing. It’s extremely important your masseuse understands what your body needs and doesn’t push your body beyond its comfort zone during this crucial time in your pregnancy.

5. Date Night

Last but not least, let your baby daddy take you out, just the two of you. Date nights are a staple in our relationship, not only to keep us connected but they also keep our adventurous side alive. Our date nights have changed since I’ve been pregnant but they are still pretty much centre around food. If I felt a bit daring, I stepped out for a few hours of dancing or to the movies. The possibilities are endless, the main part of this survival tip is quality time with your loved one. It doesn’t hurt to have a little romance in your life before two become three.


These 5 tips definitely helped me survive the last trimester of my pregnancy. We also threw in a baby moon, which was an awesome get away from reality during this hectic time. What helped you get through your last few months of pregnancy? Comment below.

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