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May 13, 2019

How to balance being a mom with being a person? The aged old question that seems to have gone unanswered for hundred and hundreds of years still haunts many mothers to this day. One of my biggest fears when becoming a mom was that I was going end up with greasy hair, a uni-brow and cargo pants. Not that there is anything wrong with cargo pants. I am just a tight jeans kind of girl. I couldn’t bear the thought of loosing myself in chores, my son and the mundane daily routine of being a “mom”. So much so that I could forget who I was pre-baby. It is extremely difficult to look at the long to-do list we mommies create for ourselves and say f@** it I’m going for a pedicure instead, but in my experience.. you have to.

I came up with 5 tips/ tricks/ survival techniques to keep myself grounded in the every jungle that is being a mom:

5. I wake up early

I know this sounds atrocious but recently I have been waking up at 6:30, 3 hours before Leo, to drink my coffee, read a book and aimlessly scroll through my phone. This simple habit actually gives my time to mentally prepare myself for the day at hand and reduced a little bit of my stress levels. It also gives me a moment to think for myself before the thousand mommy questions start.

4. Pamper myself

I know this may seemed far fetched for most moms, but an hour away won’t hurt, I promise. At least once bi-weekly, I do something for me. I get my nails did, get my hair done, go for a massage or give myself a facial. It’s a small pick me up that gives my brain a small breath of relaxation and makes me feel good about myself. This way the days I don’t get to do my hair or dress up how I want, at least I can stare at my nails or my eyebrows and be like DAYMMM I look good.

3. Exercise

I am definitely no gym freak, but I have found going for walks (even with my little), and/or going the gym at least 4 times a week, does this mommy some good. I work out all my frustrations in that small 1 hour window to mentally prepare for the rest of the day. Plus the added bonus is I am doing something physical that makes my body feel 10x better and that doughnut I eat before I go to bed disappear.

2. Hang out with friends

Sometimes we even let our kids tag along. There is nothing better than venting to another mom about all the shit we put up with. Am I right? When we head to kid friendly places we let the kids burn all their energy for a much needed nap when they get home which leads to BONUS time for mom to do what she needs to do

1.Date my husband

Yes you read that right. I still date my husband. Once a week or even bi-weekly we make time for just us to hang out, talk, and DRINK. It’s great for our relationship, and even better for us mommies to get real attention from our partners. It keeps the spark alive and gives us time to do things we love together.

Trinidad Carnival 2019

I hope these tips inspire you to take some time to enjoy your day a little bit more. I love spending time with Leo, but I also know how important it is for our relationship for mommy to be mentally present. Have anything you do to get through the week? Let me know in the comments below.

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