Banff National Park

The Rimrock Resort Hotel

January 8, 2019
Rimrock Resort Hotel

Driving through the gentle giants known as the Canadian rockies I couldn’t help but wonder what the view would look like from our hotel. I have several things I look for when I look for accommodations, one in particular is the view from our room. While this may seem trivial, when I am traveling with Leo, we often spend sunsets and rises in our room, and I don’t want a case a FOMO. A view allows me to still feel connected to the environment I am in, so in other words I am willing to cough up a bit more $$ while we are visiting somewhere as beautiful as Banff.

How can you not be mesmerized by those beasts?

While researching different hotels, chalets and Airbnb’s, I quickly realized what my criteria was for this trip:

  1. An Indoor Pool – when traveling with a 1.5 year old, a pool is the best way to wear them out at the end of a long day
  2. A view: When in Banff, show me the Mountains
  3. Close to town – It was really important to me that we were able to be close to amenities (grocery store, restaurants, activities) in case we ran out of essentials, or if Leo was having a tough day, we could ditch the car and just go for a walk.
  4. Room Service – Weird I know, for this specific trip I didn’t want to worry about cooking as it was a quick 4 days trip.

Based on my criteria, I knew I wanted something a bit more luxurious, which lead me to the independent hotel, The Rimrock Resort Hotel. The Rimrock has high ratings on most websites including TripAdvisor,, Expedia and more. Not too mention, many of my friends and followers recommended it when I put the call out for places to stay. The Rimrock resort definitely is more at the top end of our budget, however they also carry 4 categories of rooms that can bend to meet anyone looking to stay at a hotel of this magnitude. TIP: peruse sites with last minute deals such as Priceline, which offer ridiculous discounts.

The Rimrock has a lengthy history overlooking the town of Banff, it started out as 100 room hotel sometime in the 1850’s, which changed into in a bathhouse in 1900’s, followed by a major renovation and reopened to the public in 1983 with 346 rooms and some of the best views offered by any hotel. The hotel currently sits on a very steep slope of Sulphur Mountain literally a hop skip and a jump to 2 main attractions of Banff National Park, The Gondola, and Upper Hot springs. Did I mention it’s only a 5 minute drive to the heart of the town (public transportation is available right in front of the hotel)?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the Hotel has:

  • Eden Restaurant
  • A cafe
  • 2 lounges
  • indoor pool
  • spa + gym
  • Parking (for a fee)

The Room:

We choose a standard 2 queen bedroom, and expected a regular sized room with two beds squeezed in. I was pleasantly surprised with an over sized room (enough space for Leo and his Dad to quick around a soccer ball), and a view that seemed more like a painting. The picture windows ran from nearly the ceiling to floor, that framed the Bow river and the lushes green forest. The room was clean and the beds were a perfect dream.

The grounds were well manicured and offered outdoor areas to sit and sip in the fresh crisp air. Every single day I watched the mountains from our bed, I felt calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. The view isn’t reserved for the higher class rooms, while you dine at the restaurant, sip a a glass a wine from the lounge, or take a dip in the pool, the entire hotel opens up to the sulphur mountains, and the Bow River.

What really made our stay top notch, was the service. The staff were friendly, approachable and filled with the best recommendations. Over our 4 day stay, I interacted with close to 20 different staff (the valets, concierge, bar staff, etc) and the service was consistently above par. I would highly recommend staying at the Rimrock Resort as it checks off almost every box to make it a 5 star hotel. The only thing I would change is the converting it to an all inclusive.

Until next post loves

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