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Soaking up Winnipeg: Ghost tours

October 18, 2019

Happy October Loves. Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by the extraterrestrial and supernatural. Naturally, that means October is one of my favourite months of the year. I start by celebrating with a movie marathon of Halloween favourites: Hocus Pocus, X-Files, Ghostbusters (new and old), The Craft, Halloween Town, Twitches, etc. 

This year, I teamed up with Travel Manitoba to add a new adventure to this eerie and hair raising month. 

I set out to find the most ghastly tour that could guide me through the terrifying experiences that many patrons have faced here in Winnipeg. Alas, The Trolly of Terror seemed like the perfect fit. Last week, I tempted fate and joined The Winnipeg Trolley Company Ghost tour. The night was filled with bloodcurdling and bizarre encounters. You know, the things nightmares are made of.   

“Winnipeg stands very highly among the places we have visited for its great paranormal potential.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes’ creator and renowned paranormal investigator)

Our first stop was the historic Dalnarvert mansion. Built-in 1895, this mansion has it all, including a coffin in the living room. No pun intended. This Victorian-era home still felt lived in, and I wonder if the MacDonald family were still there? 

 As the tour guide recounted all the spine chilling occurrences that happened in the house, I couldn’t take my eyes off the casket. Could you imagine if the door just started to lift? Yikes!!! 

From there, we made various drive-by stops, chatting about cults, UFOs and ghosts. Typical Thursday night banter. Our next haunted house had to be the most skin-crawling stop of the night. I don’t know if it was the wind or blowing the snow that created that cinematic fog in the air, or the creaking floorboards but as we walked into the Seven Oaks house, it just felt creepy. Deemed the oldest house in Winnipeg, I can only imagine the terrifying tales the walls could tell us. One spirit still rumoured to roam the halls is the Sinclair families youngest son who choked to death at their dinner table. 

The last stop for the night was a well-known hotel. A hotel this writer has frequented for weddings, socials, and countless other celebrations, The Fort Gary. However, I had never been to the infamous room 202. Growing up in Winnipeg the many rumours of its haunting has almost become apart of the our folklore. The stories go beyond scarred guests, it’s rumoured that many staff have had their own encounters. Ben, our tour guide, told us how there was a young women that died in room 202 many years ago, and to this day she still leaves a bloody mess for staff to clean.

With a visit to the spookiest hotel checked off my halloween bucket list I headed home with a new array of frightening stories and an episode of Unsolved Mysteries based on 1967 UFO encounter at Falcon Lake to watch. 

For anyone looking to learn about Winnipegs demonic history, in a not so frightening way, I would highly recommend this tour. Not only was it absolutely fascinating to learn about another side of our city, it was such a fun night out with good company. 

This article was in collaboration with Travel Manitoba #exploremb. 

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