Soaking up: Barbados

August 20, 2018

Ohh Barbados, the first time I saw you in 2011 you stole my heart, in 2018 you captivated my mind body and soul. Barbados is where a wondering soul goes to play, fill their bellies and ingrain themselves in the warmth of the culture. I was lucky enough to partake in one of the islands biggest festivals, Crop Over. Historians believe this festival started somewhere around the late 1700’s, as plantation owners documented the African slaves celebrating a plentiful sugar cane season and honoring their ancestors to bless them with a bountiful season to come.

While the sugar cane crops heavily declined, the festival fell into the background only to be reinvented and brought back as a celebration of Bajan culture. During this two-month festival the island comes alive with fêtes, Calypso echoing through the streets and thousands of people from around the globe flocking to Barbados to feel the rhythm of the island.

Stay tuned to the blog, I am going to tell you my favorite spots on the island to fete, eat, tour and lay my head.


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