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Until Next Year Red River Mutual Trail

March 13, 2018

Another year, another record broken! The Red River Mutual Trail that runs from the heart of the city straight to Arlington St, was a whopping 7.5 km and was open for 70days. While this Winnipeg gem holds a place in every ‘peggers heart for different reasons, my personal favourite thing about the trail are the warming huts.

The warming hut competition entertains entries from all over the world and a lucky few get to see their architecture dreams come true. Here are some of my favourites from 2018:

Carbuncle (University of Manitoba)

Bubble Beach was definitely my fave, River breeze and Palm Trees. (CHICAGO)

The Temple of Lost Things (WINNIPEG)


Wether you Skate, walk, sled or bike the trail is a place where Winnipeggers  of all ages come together to enjoy the winter days.

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