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Prairie Eye Care – Leo’s first eye check up

May 16, 2019

A few weeks back, Dr Renee Phipps and I grabbed some lunch, and l had no choice but to spill my guts. I embarrassingly told her I had not purchased a decent pair of glasses in 9 years. I spent almost the last decade sporting a pair of dog eaten, bent Versace glasses. To be honest, I had purchased two pairs of glasses via an online boutique that were a horrible fit and didn’t suit my needs, but like the stubborn person I am, I continued to wear them.

As we picked through our meals, our life stories began to unravel. I told Renee I had had a lot of trouble finding an ophthalmologist I truly felt cared since my doctor, of more then a decade, had retired. She sympathized with me and started to tell me about her journey as an ophthalmologist and explained how Prairie Eye Care stood out amongst their competition.

Leo and I woke up on Saturday morning bright an earlier to head down to Prairie Eye Care newest clinic on Sterling Lyon. Located on the second floor, the highly accessible building with an oversized parking lot boasted huge windows with tons of bright natural light. To Leo’s delight, as we cracked the door, he spotted the kids corner, which kept him pleasantly busy while I filled out our forms. If you have been following me for a while, you know I been on an eco-friendly streak, and one thing I immediately noticed was the Prairie Eye Care forms were laminated, meaning the same form could be used thousands of times without waste. pat yourselves on the back P.E.C

As Leo and I moved into the eye testing room, we began the routine tests. I was terrified. For whatever reason, I must have been assaulted with air in a past life; I have a genuine fear of that puff of air test. Luckily for me, Prairie Eye Care tests the pressure in your eyes with a completely different technique; they use a small rounded plastic probe that gently touches the eye. Guys, it was so gentle, I didn’t even know it happened. If I had to describe it, the only sensation I felt was a tickle on my eyelashes.

Leo breezed through his initial tests, and we moved into Dr Phipps office. She spent the first few minutes talking to Leo showing him all the fun instruments they were going to use and then like Superwomen, she put on the tv with 1 minute short films to keep Leos attention. I was so impressed with how patient, caring and responsive Dr Phipps was with Leo. She took the time to listen to his banter and ensure he was comfortable before proceeding with the next stage of the check up. She even gave him instruments to play with while she conducted the exam.

I was next up, and Leo was kind of over having to hang out in a small office. I handed him some berries to munch on, but that only held him back a few minutes. Dr Phipps and Leo had talked about how much he liked paw patrol, and again, her mom instincts kicked in. She pulled up an episode on her computer to keep him entertained. high five Dr P

As I finished up my exam with Dr Phipps, she passed me along to the capable hands of Krista to choose my frames. The part I was looking forward to the most. As Leo took advantage of more play time in the kids’ area, Krista took her time helping me choose the right frames for my long awaited pair of glasses. We went from funky to classic to colourful, but there was one pair of Guess glasses that captured my heart.

What I learned when it came to pediatric eye care:

  • Prairie Eye Care recommends toddlers gets their eyes checked between the ages of 2-3. If there is a concern they are comfortable seeing infants as young as 6 months
  • All eye exams for children under 19 are free under Manitoba Health.
  • Pediatric exams don’t need to be stressful or uncomfortable when you have the right doctor.

What I loved about Prairie Eye Care

  • There was a sense of comfort from the moment you walked in the door.
  • The facility is completely family friendly. Dr Phipps and Dr O pride themselves on being family orientated and understand that our littles have to come to our appointments with us.
  • P.E.C is extremely professional in the most relaxed and comfortable way. The tight-knit sense of community echos off the walls. It definitely isn’t your average stuffy doctors office, it’s more of a kick off your shoes and enjoy our home type feeling.
  • At Prairie Eye care, they are patient, reliable, relatable and engaged. They are invested in who you are and want to exceed your needs.

Dr Renee Phipps and her husband, Dr O, are the proud owners of Prairie Eyecare, which serve 3 locations in the city. Their newest location, on Sterling Lyon, close to the golf dome, is featured in my latest Winnipeg Review.

**Please note this review was sponsored. I was asked for an authentic review of Priaire Eye Care. This video was an actual depiction of our visit, no fancy angles or staged shots. Shoutout to April for making it look like a commercial**

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