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Mommy Photo Workshop

November 28, 2017

Can we have a real chat for just a moment, 2 years ago I bought my first DSLR Cannon camera, and I put that baby on automatic, pretended to be a true photographer every where I went. I think I’ve seen 20 youtube videos that were basically named “DSLR cameras for dummies”, but turning that dial over to the big “M” still felt so intimidating.


Scrolling (creeping) through instagram as a new mom I found Monique, her workshops seemed fun, light and inviting. I patiently waited as months and months passed by for her Photography for Moms Workshop to open up. With visions of taking the most beautiful pictures of my lil, this was my opportunity to take charge of my camera. No more fear.

I learned how to go from this to this on my iPhone

Monique was able to break down this intimidating piece of equipment, to a basic tool that would bring our vision to life.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone with a DSLR or thinking about getting one. Its a great day out bonding with other moms and learning the tricks of the trade to capture a still moment that you’ll remember forever. Thanks Monique for giving me confidence.

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