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3 month review of OTF

April 17, 2019

As I walked in to the studio and saw splats of orange covering the walls, I couldn’t help but wonder if the apple pie and ice cream I had for lunch was going to slow me down.

It was three days after Christmas and I found myself staring at a mirror in my bathroom, and like most people I promised myself 2019 would be my bitch. As a platinum level donor to the local Goodlife gym, I decided after two years of not using my membership it was time to move on to try to discover a gym that would work for me. 

Pre-baby Leo I was in the shape of my life, I was more active than ever, and I loved how I felt in my body. When I found out I was pregnant I stopped all daily activity because I was petrified I could lose my baby, granted it was all in my head, I still had a genuine fear. It’s been two years and I had yet to step foot back in the gym, or participate in any form of physical activity. I hated the way I felt in my own skin and finally got the courage to get my butt in gear. My hubby and I decided to try Orange theory fitness. Why you ask? Because my friends had been ranting and raving about it for the past year. It was literally that simple. 

Pre-baby Leo, 2015

December 28, 2019, we walked into the Bridgewater – OTF location, there were people everywhere chatting, smiling and the girl working at the front desk had the most welcoming smile on her face, it made me feel like” Hey welcome to our home, kick off your boots and let me invite you into our family”. After filling out a few standard it’s not our fault if you die forms, they strapped a heart rate monitor just under my chest and we picked up a number plate off the front desk as they shooed us into class for a killer 60-minute workout. There were words being thrown around like base pace, ESP and splat points, and as I gazed up at the TV that was lit up like a Christmas tree, I wondered what the hell I signed up for. I stayed focus. I made it through the class (high 5 to me) and Coach Kathryn did a deep dive into all these random numbers, what splat points were and why the heart rate monitor was so important to the OTF workout. I reluctantly signed up for a 3-month unlimited pass. I did not know if I was so tired I just couldn’t make a clear decision or I was scared of the work I had a head of me. All I knew was that it was my time to change my dirty old lazy habits. 

As the weeks went on, the classes started to make sense. I started picking up the OTF lingo and figured out how to proper schedule classes for myself. While there are many pros and cons to this style of working out, I want to share the things I struggled with at first: 

  1. Accountability: the app allows you to sign up for classes in advance, however if you miss a class (the policy states to notify the gym 24 hours prior to class) you are charged a hefty $12 fee on top of your monthly fee. I hated the fact I was being charged so a ridiculous amount above and beyond the regular fee but I grew to appreciate it the fact it forced me to get my butt in gear. 
  2. The price: That old saying you pay for what you get rings true. OTF is not your cheap gym pass where you show up when you want and leave when you want. It is a structured program that gives you flexibility to get the most out of your 60-minute workout. Every time I walk in to the studio, it’s always spotless, and the equipment can be found in its rightful place. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, professional and best of all they have energetic personalities you can feed off of.

The things I loved about OTF from the beginning:

  1. The VIBE: You guys always hear me talking about the vibe, OTF offers a killer (literally) workout, with a great range of music (seriously anything from rock, to 90’s pop or techno) and fantastic coaches that lead the class. Each coach brings a different flare to the work out, and I have yet to pick a favorite because they stack up that well against one another.
  2. Workout: I have yet to repeat a workout 3 months in. Enough said
  3. Community: OTF definitely has that community collaboration over competition feel. A lot of teambuilding events, dress up days and themed competitions, which is not really my thing, but I appreciate it from a far.

Everyone comes in to the gym with their own demons to face, but OTF gives you the tools you need to punch that bitch out. As a blogger, freelance writer, social media manager, mom, and the list goes on, I can give 40 reasons everyday why I can’t make it to the gym. The 60-minute workout they offer genuinely gives me life, well maybe it kills me, and I leave hoping my legs still have enough energy to drive me home, but I always feel ten x better then when I walked in.  

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