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Mother’s day Guide: Not your average gift guide

May 11, 2017

Is Mother’s Day just another sham holiday where we get our hopes unexpectedly high, only to come crashing back down to reality to realize we still have to change those dirty diapers and get spit up on all day? Now I’m not a bitter betty, I love the fact that I now qualify to be a part of this amazing group of super women, we call moms. BUT let’s be realistic, a gold chain or a bouquet of flowers does not tell us how amazing we are the other 364 days a year. Now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk! Having another day of the year dedicated to me, to get spoiled, and have some undivided attention is pretty awesome, but unlike my birthday I HOPE it’s spent creating another memory to add to the vault that I will hold near and dear forever. Here is my gift guide for your mommy that she can cherish forever

1. Get pampered:

As a new mommy, I don’t have a lot of time to myself, Mother’s Day is a great day for my baby daddy to take over so I can enjoy a glass of wine, get my legs waxed and hey why not throw a massage in there.

2. Let your inner foodie out:

Is there any better excuse to get out for a day on the town to check out some restaurants that have been on your “to do” list. Some of my recent favorites have been: Merchant Kitchen, The gates and Hermanos.

3. Family portraits:

What better way to remember mother’s day (especially if it’s your first) with a surprise family photo. Get mom all dolled up with hair and make-up, then head out to capture her first special day.

4. Take a Vaca:

Ok I would never steer you wrong. I know there is only a few days left until Mother’s Day, so instead of running to your closest travel agent for last minute ticket deals (although that would be awesome) Mini-vacations or staycations are pretty sweet as well. Book a cabin for the weekend, or stay at an ultra-lux hotel like Winnipeg’s Boutique Mere hotel.

5. Tell her you love her.

The simple most effective gift of all. All mothers want one thing, and that is to be recognized. For goodness sakes, pick up your dirty underwear, clean your room, and tell your mom how much you love her. If you are too shy, write out it out in a beautiful card or get a calligrapher to write out your sentiments and frame it.

At the end of the day a mother’s love and dedication cannot be summed up into a day. What you can do is show her what she means to you with this simple equation love + attention + thought.


Happy Mother’s day to all you beautiful Superwomen out there and don’t fall for hallmark the hype.

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