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Mothers day gift guide for: the Jet-setting Mom

May 7, 2019

We are 5 days out from Mothers day. If you haven’t already purchased a gift for the women, who birthed you, cleaned up after you your whole life and picked you up off the ground every time you were down, SHAME ON YOU. Just kidding, you have plenty of time to organize a gift for your loving mama. This gift guide is for the adventourous, travelling mama who loves a getaway


There is nothing worse than a dead camera/phone when you are standing in front of the most epic waterfall, or the most beautiful temple. I personally have had a ravpower portable charger for 3 years and it’s never failed me. A portable charger is always handy to get you through those long days of exploring.


I know we live in a tech era, but I am an old school girl that loves to put pen to paper in the moment. I remember travelling from Paris to London on the tube jotting down all the emotions I felt that day seeing the Cathedral du Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower. 10 years when I look at those journal clippings in my album, I can still close my eyes feel the way I felt in that moment. I did a wee bit of research and found this gem at chapters, it’s stunning and very customizable, a personal way to remember your adventures.


Moms are always a sucker for something sentimental. Take a look back at previous trips, pick out some memorable photos, and frame them. Nothing says I love you than a good walk down memory lane.

Leo and Mommy at the mud Volcano in Trinidad, 2019


If you are willing to cough up a little more dough, upgrade your moms’ point and shoot, or pick up a new lens for her DSLR. If she’s a GoPro kind of girl grab a new accessory. Best of all if she’s a cell phone photographer grab her a personalized case or a waterproof/rugged case that will ensure her phone will make it through her next beach vacation or next hike to see the most beautiful sunset.


Sandals Barbados
Barbados, 2018 *hint hint**

Deep down inside this is a hint to my hubby and kid. An adventurous mom is always down for the next opportunity to flex her exploratory muscle. A trip doesn’t have to be a whirlwind; it could be a weekend getaway or a staycation.

Have anything to add, drop it in the comments below and help out your friends.

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