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Soaking up: Winnipeg – Lights of the North

September 21, 2018
lights of the north

On this episode of Soaking up: Winnipeg, I checked out Lights of the North at the Red River Exhibition Park.

Lights of the North is the next step in the long standing relationship between Chengdu and Winnipeg. Celebrating the year of tourism between both of our countries there is no better reason for a Lantern light festival. This is a must do, you definitely have to check out Lights of the North before Oct 15.

5 Tips for Lights of the North:

1. Warm clothing

Red river exhibitions a large open grounds and with our windy fall, I would definitely recommend dressing warm to fully enjoy the festival.

2. Cash

While perusing through the food market and the stores, I noticed most (if not all) vendors only accept cash

3. Fully charged camera/phone

This is definitely a camera friendly event and with the chance to win a trip to China on the line, don’t forget to bring your portable battery

4. Go early

The best time to get to Lights of the North is right before sunset. You have the opportunity to bask in the beauty of the structures with perfect natural light right before the dark sky and bright lights take over.

5. Showtime 

Normally I am not much of a show type girl at events like this, but this 45 minute show is a must. The entertainers keep you in ahh for the entire show. Check the show times when you arrive to ensure you get a good seat for the event.


That’s it folks. Stay tuned for the next episode of Soaking up Winnipeg and let me know how you liked Lights of the North.

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