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Winnipeg’s largest Solar installation: FortWhyte Alive

October 13, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you know, FortWhyte Alive holds a place near and dear to my heart. Its my sweet little getaway and breath of fresh air when I need it. Today Fort Whyte took a bold step into the future with its unveiling of the cities largest solar installation to date. The 57.12KW system a ground breaking step in the right direction for renewable energy, it will save approximately $350k over the course of the next 30 years and produce 50% of total consumption.


“As community leaders in sustainability, we believe that harnessing solar power at FortWhyte makes perfect sense from both an environmental and economic perspective,” FortWhyte Alive CEO Bill Elliott said in a release. “As we face the growing challenges of climate change, we look forward to using this solar farm as a tool to educate the public on the importance of transitioning to clean, renewable energy across the globe.”


I must say as an outsider, you never quite know what it takes to pull off a job of this magnitude. Solar Manitoba did the impossible, not only did their highly qualified team execute this job to meet the City of Winnipeg and Manitoba Hydros’ incredible high standards, they completed the job in 6 days. Their team worked tirelessly from dawn to dusk,   long days fuelled by coffee and passion to achieve a common goal: to make the future a little brighter.

This magnificent addition was installed by Solar Manitoba, and funded by Bullfrog Power, Manitoba Hydro’s Solar Energy program and Investors Group.

Enjoy the view of the city’s newest gem on your next drive into FortWhyte Alive.



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