How to pick your neighbourhood – Winnipeg Edition

August 6, 2019

For the past year, my hubby and I have been looking for a place to call home. Winnipeg is such as diverse city, with a unique communities to fit everyones lifestyle. When Sandi reached out to me, I knew her wealth as a mortgage broker could definitely help us narrow down the perfect community for us. Here are Sandi’s favourite neighbourhoods in the city:

My name is Sandi Huynen, and I’m a mortgage broker in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’ve been in the finance industry since I was a teenager, where I decided I wanted to be a broker. I’ve dealt with thousands of clients over the years, and I’ve learned to understand people’s needs and how to assist them. As a mortgage specialist I use a non-pushy approach and give my clients the best options that work for them. I want them to fully understand what they are getting into and answer any questions they may have. As a Winnipeg mortgage broker, I do business through out the whole city. I have also moved a few times in my life, experiencing different communities within the city. I’ve done this while raising a family. Combining all of this, I’ve created a guide to some of the best areas in Winnipeg to raise a family,
depending on your budget. I’ve based my findings on safety, education, traffic, among other things. Full disclosure, I have spent more time in the areas below, I’m sure there are several areas just as beautiful which I am not as familiar with. I apologize if I missed your area!

Something more luxourious….

There are new communities sprouting up everywhere in Winnipeg, with most scattered along the outskirts. One of my favourite new areas is Sage Creek. It is still growing, there is a lot more to come but the area is beautiful.

Every house in the area is close to schools, amenities, and parks. The landscaping is gorgeous and the people are friendly. The resident’s association is constantly putting on events; there is always something to do. There are only two ways in and out of Sage Creek, but the traffic is never hectic, and getting downtown and back is one of the easier routes in the city.

With Sage Creek growing exponentially, the school is filling up fast. The residents are trying frantically to get funding for a new school (which was in the original plans). So far, the school has been making it work by building new classrooms using the extra space they have. With all the positives, this still makes Sage Creek one of the best areas in the city to live. What’s exciting is that there are other similar communities in the city that don’t have capacity issues. Get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss other beautiful
areas in the city.

The hidden Gem….

What used to be a hidden gem, today, families from all over the city are flocking to Transcona. The nice thing about Transcona is it’s a community built for all budgets. They have smaller, extremely affordable houses, all the way up to brand new $400,000+ houses in newer areas in both the west and east end. There are some minor issues with petty crime through out Transcona but it is no where near being an issue. For the sake of the article, I’m talking mid-range budget areas of Transcona. Many of the mid-ranged priced houses are filled with older couples and individuals, but over the past decade, they are starting to turn over and young families are moving in. With solid built houses and mature, healthy trees up and down every street, Transcona is a beautiful place to live. The area keeps growing and the upgrades keep coming. Families from all over the city line up to enter the free splash park on Kildare Ave, and with a brand-new library, it’s an amazing area for families. With new housing and commercial near Plessis Ave, there is literally something for everyone.

With all growing areas, there are growing pains. Regent Ave, the main in-and-out of Transcona is started to get quite backed up. With the future extension of Chief Peguis Trail, it should alleviate some of the traffic stress. If traffic is a concern, but like the idea of a quiet area on the outskirts of the city, contact me, and we can go over other options.

Deep History, close to downtown but suburban feel ….

Speaking of hidden gems, that’s exactly what the Windsor Park area is. It has a very similar feel to Transcona but without the newer areas mixed in. One of the best aspects of Windsor Park is that out of all three communities, it sits the closest to downtown. You can hop on Lagimodiere Blvd and head
North, South or East. or you can go towards Archibald and go North, South or West, take your pick! It makes living there very convenient to get to each area of the city. Like Transcona, it has a deep history. There are massive beautiful trees and gives you that small town feel.

With Windsor Park being an older community, some young families have asked if there are other young families living within. Similar to Transcona that has started to change. New young families are moving in and the student numbers in the schools is on the rise. If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck in your first home, you may want to check out Windsor Park.

Thank you Sandi Huynen for this amazing guest post. If you are looking for a mortgage broker in the city, feel free to contact Sandi, an expert in her field

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