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Folklorama Hacks

August 8, 2019

After 30 plus years of attending Foklorama, your girl has a few hacks to get the best out of Folklorama50. We are 4 days into week 1, which means there are only 10 days of shows left.

If you have never been to Foklorama before, shame on you, I mean what are you waiting for? Folklorama is the longest-running multicultural festival in the world. There are 45 pavilions; each pavilion represents a different culture, where you can experience authentic foods, live entertainment, and cultural displays. Plain and simple, you can travel the world without leaving Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is festival central however, this multicultural festival has always been this travellers favourite. My sense of wanderlust through the festival has a subtle art to getting the most out of every pavilion:

Buy your tickets online

Folklorama introduced online tickets last year and boy that was a game-changer. Goodbye long lines. Back in the day, you used to have to line up and pray you would get into your desired time slot. What does this mean for you? You are guaranteed in the door, and you can plan the pavilions you want to hit up in advance, maximizing your Folklorama experience.

Create a mini Itinerary

Whether you buy tickets online or not, it’s super important you create a mini itinerary for your Folkorama week. Pavilions are scattered around Winnipeg, and if you are planning to hit more then one in an evening, you need to be strategic. Shows are 45 minutes long, and then you have 45 minutes to 45 minutes to drive to the next pavilion, park, get inside, grab food and find a seat.

My recommendations:

Once you have picked all your favourite pavilions for the week, schedule yourself to go to the pavilions that are near each other in one evening. For example, as per the picture, you will note: The Egyptian pavilion, Argentina, and Spirit of Ukraine are all within a ten-minute drive of each other at the south end of the city. I would start at Egypt, then head to Spirit of Ukraine and end at Argentina.

Need helping picking a pavilion, see here. Note as per the first hack you can buy your tickets online to ensure you get into each pavilion at the desired time.

Don’t overeat

If you are doing multiple pavilions, you can do up to 3 during the week or 5 on the weekend, be picky with what you eat. Every pavilion serves up authentic food, and it’s so easy to overindulge, but then you will be overstuffed and tired for the rest of the evening.

My recommendations:

Share a meal with your pavilion hopping friend at each stop. Then you can indulge your taste buds all night or go tapas-style. Grab an appetizer style bite so your palette can be adventurous all night.

Go VIP style

For a hassle-free, no stress experience, I say grab a group of friends and take a tour around the world while being treated like the royalty you are. There are so many VIP tour options, my personal favourites tours are mystery tours. Adds a little spice to your night if you don’t know where you are headed, am I right?

VIP tours get you the best seats in the house, a meal plated and brought to you, no pesky lines, entrance to 2-3 pavilions a night. Did I mention you and your party are escorted around in a bus all night?


The last hack, leave all your stress at the door and enjoy. Folklorama gives you the thrill of sampling cultures and foods from all around the world. The fact I live in a city that celebrates over 42 cultures and gives them a stage to invite people to join them in their world is fantastic.

These are my 5 ultimate hacks to a truly successful Folkorama season. Have anything to add? Leave it in the comments below.

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