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December 21, 2017

One thing I can say, is God did not bless me with a green thumb, but he did however give me a good liver. I rounded up two ladies who I knew would love the art of this class while I could enjoy the wine. On Sunday, we met with Fresh Cut Downtown workshop to create a beautiful centrepiece for our Christmas dinners.

With loose step by step instructions paired with our unique creative flairs we managed to come up with some beautiful pieces.

For me what set this class apart was definitely Melanie’s beautiful personalty and her vow to give us enough instruction to find our inner green Goddesses.

This workshop is meant for all you ladies who need a girls day out, a mother/daughter date or even just a catch up sesh with your cousins. You have enough time to share some laughs over a glass of wine while you work away.

Melanie’s runs workshops year round, check out Fresh cut downtown for class information.

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