Are you Carnival Road ready?

February 14, 2020

Masqueraders or those who will be hitting the road for the first time, this one is for you! It doesn’t matter if you chippin’ down Tragarete Rd in Trinidad or Lakershore Blvd in Toronto, these survival tips will keep all you ladies looking 1000 from sun up to sun down. 


Do NOT pregame : Yes I know, LAME. Give your girl benefit of the doubt, remember Trinidad Carnival is a Marathon, it starts in the wee hours of Carnival Monday Morning and the fête don’t stop until LATE Tuesday night. Sunday night is for drinking alot of water, eating a best meal and getting some rest before the Greatest show on Earth

Oil Yuhself: Oil / Mud and paint will stain your hair and skin. Remember J’ouvert is about getting dirty and having fun before pretty mas. My recommendation is prep your skin with a little bit of Coconut oil and brush a layer of conditioner through your hair. This “base” coat allows you to easily wash away any paint/oi/mud residue pre-Carnival Monday. 

Disposable clothing: Wear clothing (right down to your panty) you aren’t attached to. Trust me when I say, when you mix with oil & mud you can kiss your clothes and possibly shoes goodbye. 

Waterproof phone pouch: Save yourself a couple thousand dollars and pick up one of these to keep your valuables safe and dry while you winin’ down the road. 

Carnival Monday & Tuesday Mas

2 stockings and 2 pairs of socks : Don’t be that first timer that brings 1 pair of stockings and expects it to last both days. Stockings run, rip and tear very easily, be prepared and grab a second set just in case. HOT TIP: Layer your stockings on top of your socks to keep your toes nice and comfy all day long.

Gel insoles: Again, 2 days of Mas and 5 hours of j’ouvert is real pace. Keep your feet happy. There is nothing worse then having sore feet hours into Monday mas.

Buy your shoes 1/2 size bigger: Yes I said it, order your carnival sneakers/boots .5 size bigger to avoid your toes jammin’ the tip of your shoes all day.

Sunscreen: Don’t be the fool who burns on day 1 and can’t enjoy day 2.

Trim your stocking band: First of all the band looks horrible over your stunning costume, secondly the band causes that God awful muffin top. Trimming the band will give your curves a smoother look.

Leg pouch or Fanny Pack: A cute leg pouch or fanny pack is the perfect accessory to store all your personals.

Small perfume: Grab one of those free perfume samples to keep you smelling nice all day.

Powder/ Blotting sheets: You will get oily through out the day, keep your face fresh with a translucent powder or Blotting sheets. HOT TIP: blotting sheets are in expensive and less heart breaking if you loose them.

Lipstick and Lip chap with SPF: The blazing Sun is harsh on your lips, don’t forget to give them some love through out the day.

Double-sided tape: The carnival GODS made double sided tape to keep all your bits in the right place. Enough Said.

Cheap Sunglasses: I always rock < $20 shades for mas, I usually find super cute ones that match my costume and keep my Ray Bans at home.

Body Glitter / Face Jewels / Bronzer: Shimmer and shine is the name of the game.

Nipple Covers : Costumes these days are notorious for their deep cuts and luscious cleavage. Ensure you don’t have an embarrassing nip slip and cover those babies up.

Monday Wear: Not necessary but a common trend to wear something more relaxed on Carnival Monday, I usually find a sexy bikini that I can wear again.

Costume Jewelry  : Crucial to any carnival jewelry and a way to make you stand out.

Don’t forget to Download your Carnival Checklist to make sure you have all the essentials before you hit the road.


The greatest show on Earth is T- 13 DAYS, doh stick! 

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