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Carnival Essentials Packing list

July 30, 2018
Carnival essentials packing list

Getting ready for d road is a feeling like none other. The sheer excitement of the freeness you are about to experience is almost intolerable. In order to have the best Carnival experience, no matter where you are, here are my top 10 Carnival Essential Packing List for d road:

  1. Waterproof phone case

This may seem excessive, however it’s better to be safe than sorry. We all want to capture those instagrammable moments with our phones, wete fetes or  J’ouvert  (in Barbados known as Foreday morning) often includes oil, mud and water.

  1. Oil Blotting Sheets 

If you want your make up to stay on point, blotting sheets are my personal saviour.

  1. Portable Phone charger

Nothing is worst then a dead phone.

  1. Walk with vex money

You may be playing in an all inclusive band, but trust meh, you never know what could happen. You need a snack to soak up some of that alcohol, need to grab an unexpected cab ride home, or use a pay phone if your cell dies.

  1. Sun block and sun glasses

While you beat down the road, the sun will be beatin you down. Sunblock is key to avoid burns, yes people of all melanin burn, don’t forget to reapply as needed.  As for sunglasses, I ALWAYS play with cheap sunglasses. Not only does this give me piece of mind if they break or I loose them (in my drunken state), I pick a pair of trendy glasses that I can bejewel, (man do I love jewels)

  1. Travel size sewing kit

More of a pre-road essential, these items will ensure you have the tools to adjust your costume should you need to. Fill your kit with thread and needle, small scissors, safety pins, super glue and Velcro for costume adjustments

  1. Jewels and glitter

It’s not mass make up if you doh have sparkle.

  1. Insoles

Jammin down the road is hard on your feet, whether you choose runners or boots, gel insoles are a must. And Oh gosh nah man, ladies stop playing hero and leave your heals at home, nothing looks worse then you limping down the road after 20 minutes of mas.

  1. Double sided tape

One of the most overlooked, important and cost effective piece of your costume is double sided tape. It keeps the material secured so you can keep the vibes going.

  1. Hosiery

Not your grandmas stockings here ladies, I am talking about sexy skin tone stockings that add a little something to your costume. Why is this so important? Well it’s simple, hosiery holds your costume in place. In other words while you wine up, down, left or right, your won’t have to worry about your bottoms riding up.
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