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August 23, 2018
Oistins, Barbados

First things first:

You know one of my favorite things to do is eat. When I go to a new destination I want to eat what the locals eat, and save the pizza for when I’m back In Winnipeg.


The mood is set by the rustling waves hitting the boardwalk and the soft lantern lights. Nothing better than enjoying fresh seafood with accompanying sides while watching the sunset. Primo is located in the popular Gap strip making for easy access.

Primo Bar and bistro, Barbados

Primo Bar and Bistro, Barbados

Where to eat, Barbados

Steamed Flying fish with with breadfruit coucou, okra & tomato broth & soused cucumber



If you want to experience Barbados with the locals, you must do what the locals do, right? Oistins is one of the main fish markets on the island, where you can purchase fresh fish such as dolphin, and the islands signature fish, Flying fish. If you are looking to grab a bite, next door you will find dozens of vendors selling some of the islands best delights. I’ve heard the best place to try fried flying fish is Patsy’s. Not only is Oistins a breeding ground for great food, this market turns in to a full fledged party, with music, dancing and dominos on Friday nights.


Brown Sugar

Sunday lunch in Barbados is the biggest meal of the week. Its when the whole family comes together and enjoys their version of soul food, that good good that makes you unbutton your jeans. Brown Sugar is a well loved restaurtant that hosts some of the best Bajan food on the island.

Brown Sugar, Barbados

Fried Plantain, Macaroni Pie, Fried Fish, Peas & Rice, Salt Fish, Stew oxtail

The Mill

This spot was definitely one of my favourites on our vacation. Owner, Damion Leech, Barbados chef of the year 2018, has created what feels like a modern take on the authentic Caribbean dining vibe. The outdoor terrace set next to an old mill mixed with the fresh air, can you ask for anything else? We thoroughly enjoyed the lamb burger and my liver thanked me for the fresh pressed juice.

The Mill, Barbados

Lamb burger with seasoned fries

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