Soaking up: Barbados Cropover (Carnival)

September 14, 2018

Barbados Cropover is all about letting go and freeing up yourself. The BEST advice anyone can give you is build up your tolerance, every day is pace. Here is the break down of the lead up to Kadooment day:


You have your all inclusive fête:

Bliss, Barbados all inclusive fete

Pictured Bliss All-inclusive fete

When you hear all-inclusive it literally means all-inclusive. These types of fetes offer unlimited food and generally premium drinks. Bliss offered everything from a wine bar, Ciroc and Johnny walker tent, then when I was hungry there was easily more then 15 food tents offering premium foods. After my belly was full, the sun went down, the drinks kept flowing with performances from some of the top soca artists on the island, including Lil Rick and Allison Hinds. Did I mention they closed off the night with fireworks?

Morning fête:

There is nothing like seeing the sunrise. Sunrise fetes like Mimosa combine chic atmosphere with wildness of the night

Cooler Fête:

Coole fetes are always my favourite, you pack your cooler and roll with your preferred drinks to enjoy the evening. These fetes are more casual and require flats to get on baddd!

Foreday Morning

Foreday Morning, Barbados


Foreday morning (known as J’ouvert in Trinidad) is the ultimate carnival experience. Around midnight you get together with your band, ours was Jambalasse, you start to get yourself ready for an epic paint street party by painting yourself with every colour under the sun. Note, you are provided a T-shirt and cup, please wear something you are prepared to throw out after. The only way to describe Foreday is the ultimate release of endorphins to transpose you to the highest high you will ever feel. Ultimate freedom (no drugs necessary). Foreday is about freeing up, enjoying being in the moment and celebrating the opening of Kadooment.

Foreday morning, Jambalasse


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