Banff National Park

Soaking up: Banff- Where to play

January 16, 2019
banff national park

Banff is the ultimate outdoor adventure with places to play for everyone. Depending on the time of year your adventure choices may differ. For our summer vacation we were able to choose from so many family friendly adventures. Two of the three days didn’t cost us a dime.

Day 1

A scenic drive through the mountains from the Town of Banff to the Glacier parks with several stops to see some of the most iconic bodies of water in Alberta.

This is an unedited picture of the Peyto Lake in Banff. By far the most underrated of the lakes
Lake Louise, took my breath away

Day 2

The Banff Gondola ride was probably the highlight of my trip. The incredible views of the 6 mountains and the complete aerial view of the town makes every step on the sulphur mountain boardwalk breathtaking. The hosts mentioned that the luckiest tourist may spot some mountain goats grazing near by and at night, the northern lights are known to make surprise appearances. Mental note: go back at night

Leo always helping mom film
It’s a long trek up, and worth every single step.
The view was undeniable the best of the vacation
I’m on top of the world with my #1 little man..literally.

Day 3

Walk around the town. Banff is literally a scene from your favourite holiday movie. It’s charming, has amazing landscape views and filled with tourists from all over the world with the best stories. Some of my best memories from this trip was chatting with people randomly in the coffee shop about how their stories. Walking down the streets of Banff you’ll find really cute clothing shops, the best spots for souvenirs, and a variety of eclectic art shops. I would honestly love to spend a week in Banff during the Winter months to see the mountains with a fresh blanket of snow.

Taking a short walk from the Rimrock Hotel to town.

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