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A night of Caribbean cuisine

May 18, 2019

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend Good Buds Bakery Caribbean cuisine pop up. I must say it was nice to be able to get all dolled up, and join my two favourite guys for dinner.

It was a gloomy cold night, as we jumped out of the car in mid-February, I can only remember the profanities coming out of my husband’s mouth cursing the day we moved back to Winnipeg. We did the half run/half walk/half don’t fall on your ass shimmy to the door of Glendale Country Club. As we opened up the door, it was literally a breath of fresh air. We were welcomed by younger brother Jeremy, who ushered us to our table. Off in the distance, I heard the sweet sound of live pan music, that instantly started warming my soul. The menu was laid out, and my mouth was watering.

First course: Trinidadian Calalloo

Calaloo, a dish that is prepared differently depending on what island you are representing, can be served as a side or soup. Chef Jonathan Rahim presented his spin on Calalloo as a soup. This soup reached in and warmed my ice cold heart. It was what the doctor ordered on a fridged evening. It was perfectly garnished with a spicy prawn, chickpea crisps and a drizzle of pepper oil.

Second Course: Doubles

A street food staple in Trinidad, if you haven’t eaten one, you don’t know what you are missing. The history of doubles changes from person to person but what we do know is it originated sometime in the mid-1930s in south Trinidad. Chef Jonathan took the core of doubles, Bara and chickpeas and spun it into his own creation. He slow cooked curry chickpeas and cannellini beans and topped with his special cucumber chutney and sweet tamarind sauce.

Third Course: Jerk Lamb

This was no bought off the store shelf jerk seasoning. It was a jerk concoction made from scratch. Served with a side of cou-cou (cornmeal) bites and vegetables

Fourth Course: Curry Goat

A curried Goat made with Chef Johnny’s very own paste, laid on a bed of coconut cumin basmati rice, and pickled green mango caviar. Yep, that was a mouth full, but he wasn’t done there. He accompanied the feature with a split pea dhal and a lentil dhal.

Dessert: Island refresher

Leo scarfed this down so fast I couldn’t even get a picture. Good buds bakery offered vanilla ice cream with a layer of toasted coconut topped with kurma crumble and drizzled with sorrel. Are you hungry yet?

In Winnipeg, we have a lot of great dining options when it comes to Caribbean cuisine, but this wannabe foodie appreciated where Good Buds filled a gap, fine dining. It was nice to get dressed up, sit down for proper dinner and experience my regular home food in a new and exciting way. This 5-course meal was uniquely a vision of the Good Buds Bakery team and with every bite mouth watering bite, the flavours exploded in your mouth.

Good buds bakery does pop-ups through out the year that all carry different themes. They also offer catering services and have an online bakery. Their next pop up is next week, and the theme is A NIGHT OF GOOD TAPAS, an 8-course evening with live music and signature cocktails. I believe this is the last weekend to grab your tickets, click here.

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