Lifestyle Winnipeg, MB

    Soaking up Winnipeg – Scout Coffee + tea shop

    August 21, 2018
    Scout coffee and tea, Winnipeg

    “A family focused coffee shop, bring your little one and enjoy a cup of coffee while it’s still hot” -I am happy to say they deliver on that promise. Scout answers the much need call from all parents who want to get out and enjoy a coffee with their littles without having to comprise their child’s day. Children are free to roam the play area and full engulf themselves in books, games, a wall chalk board or hide away in…

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  • Barbados

    Soaking up: Barbados

    Ohh Barbados, the first time I saw you in 2011 you stole my heart, in 2018 you captivated my mind body and soul. Barbados is where a wondering soul goes to play, fill their…

    August 20, 2018
  • Carnival essentials packing list
    Barbados Trinidad

    Carnival Essentials Packing list

    Getting ready for d road is a feeling like none other. The sheer excitement of the freeness you are about to experience is almost intolerable. In order to have the best Carnival experience, no…

    July 30, 2018
  • Bajan Night in Winnipeg
    Lifestyle Winnipeg, MB

    Soaking up:Winnipeg – Bajan Night

    The Annual Bajan Night celebration hosted by The Barbados Association of Winnipeg took place on June 23rd, 2018 at Glenwood Community centre. I sat among the couple hundred attendees anticipating the nights culinary adventure.…

    July 20, 2018
  • Mom's corner

    My go to Carry on packing list for Baby

    Let me keep it really real, you know those post that make travelling with a baby look flawless, IT’S A SCAM. Travelling with children in general causes major anxiety for most parents and thats…

    May 8, 2018
  • Winnipeg, MB

    Winnipeg Wine Festival 2018

    Ok now most of us don’t need a reason to drink, sorry sample, obscene amounts of wine, however a genius over at Special Olympics Manitoba has given us an excuse to taste our way…

    May 2, 2018